Curious George (georgethesheep) wrote in woodshole,
Curious George

Contra dancing?

Hello everyone! I'm a newbie to this community, but not to Woods Hole... my grandparents met at the MBL in 1950 and lived there from the sixties right up until 2004. Now I can only make it for short visits with friends, alas, and I was wondering when and where the bimonthly contradances are held in Woods Hole. I dance up in Greenfield, MA and heard about it from an acquaintance from CSS. Many thanks and fond wishes...
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the woods hole contras are the first saturdays of every month, but pretty much every week they're somewhere on the cape :)
oh, and they're in the woods hole community center on main street, right past the drawbridge. on a random note you have the same birthday as me, based on glancing at your profile. mhm.
That is fabulous, on both counts.

Thank you!
how big are these contrandaces anywho?
here are directions:

and... the woods hole one is right in the middle of town, so it has lots of proximity appeal. On July 1, there will probably be somewhere near 100 people trying to fit into the WH community hall. It won't work. But the Cotuit and E Sandwich dances usually have more like 20 people in an evening, depending on how many we can coax from woods hole.

oo! I think I'll be there July 1. Excitement!