schmoomom (schmoomom) wrote in woodshole,


So, my son came home from school today singing "Orre orrey ay!", and I ask him what he's singing. He shows me the homework (they get singing homeowrk, I love his school) and it's the Working on the Railroad song that was done in folksinging..clapsy orrey oreey ay.

However, his homework is the British lyrics, which are different from the ones that Phyllis did. Does anyone remember the lyrics? All I can get is the eighteen hundred and forty six/stepped upon some dynamite sticks verse. And no, googling isn't getting me anywhere.

Off to Facebook to try on there as well....
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April 29 2011, 19:40:42 UTC 7 years ago

Eighteen hundred and forty seven, I found myself on the way to heaven... forty eight, something about the pearly gates, but that's all I've got.

My baby seems to be comforted by "You get a line and I'll get a pole" but all I can remember is "we'll catch stripers in the hole" and "do some strange things here in town, like painting on the bridge when it is down..." Help is appreciated!

Re: lyrics


April 29 2011, 19:50:56 UTC 7 years ago

thought of more:

forty four, my feet are getting mighty sore
forty five, found myself more dead than alive